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Your home in the vineyard

In Todi, at the heart of green Umbria, just a short distance from the Roccafiore Wine Resort & Spa and very close to the Cantina Roccafiore, stands the Wine Chalet

Designed to promote authentic contact with nature, the wooden chalet offers accommodation surrounded by vineyards, nestled amongst an oak forest.

The understated style blends traditional, natural elements with great attention to detail. Its 60 square metres contain all the services and comforts to fully enjoy a relaxing holiday amidst the unspoilt Umbrian nature.

The Wine Chalet is located in the middle of the estate, allowing guests to delight in the many activities proposed by the Resort and the cellar, ranging from Spa services to eno-gastronomic experiences, without renouncing the intimacy and privacy that such accommodation can guarantee.

The 5 senses

“In the countryside, silence is never truly silent – there is always the chirping of cicadas, the singing of birds, a flutter of wings, the hum of an insect, a rustling in the grass, the plink of a drop of water. And yet there is no more beautiful silence.”

– Fabrizio Caramagna


In Umbria!
Immersed in nature

Surrounding the Roccafiore Wine Chalet is a contemporary landscape containing the forms and images typical of the Green Heart of Italy. The gentle outlines of the Monti Martani extend to one side, with the medieval skyline of Todi silhouetted by romantic sunsets traced out on the other.  The elongated plains are one of the constituent characteristics of this territory, ideal for enjoying scenic roads and ensuring that the both winds and one’s gaze are free to travel towards the horizon.  The panorama surrounding Chalet is adorned with stretches of olive trees and vines in the vineyards that have been here since time immemorial.



The Wine Chalet can be the ideal place for rediscovering your true self! 

A stay far from daily stresses, away from the hectic rhythms of the city, with time to breathe clean air, to swing on a hammock, read a book in the shade of the perennial oaks, to let yourself be carried away by the melodic song of the birds…this is what the Wine Chalet offers.